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This line-up represents advancements in crop science technology that can take you to new levels of productivity. Select a product and you'll find information from pests controlled to application procedures and more.

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Astera™ Fungicide
ASTERA Fungicide with abpro Yield Enhancer is the only advanced plant health fungicide solution that offers plant health benefits without contributing to the risk of strobilurin resistance.


CAPTAN Fungicide
The first name in reliable disease control. CAPTAN continues to set the standard for reliable protection. And because it has a multi-site mode of action, CAPTAN is an excellent fit in resistance management programs. 


CAPTEVATE® Fungicide
CAPTEVATE is a premix fungicide that combines two unique active ingredients, fenhexamid and captan, giving growers exceptional broad-spectrum disease control for use on almonds, blueberries, cherries, raspberries and strawberries. 


ELEVATE® Fungicide
For excellent control of Botrytis in grape and berry crops and control of Monilinia in almonds and stone fruit. ELEVATE Fungicide (fenhexamid) is a locally systemic fungicide that provides excellent control against Botrytis cinerea, the pathogen that causes bunch rot in grapes and gray mold in berries


EVITO® Fungicide
The next generation, low-use rate fungicide with Xylem Pro Technology™, EVITO Fungicide (fluoxastrobin) takes the power of strobilurin chemistry to the next level for growers of fruiting vegetables, peanuts, potatoes, corn (field and sweet), soybeans and wheat.


FORTIX™ Fungicide
Imagine a fungicide that lets your spray once – whenever and however you want – and protects your corn and soybeans all season long. That’s new FORTIX™, a fast-acting strobilurin combined with the longest-lasting triazole. 


PH-D® Fungicide
A higher degree of control. With its unique mode of action, PH-D (polyoxin-D) is a broad-spectrum fungicide that provides a strong resistance management tool for grapes and almonds. 



AUDIT® Herbicide
The simple way to boost your broadleaf control. AUDIT is the only SU herbicide for wheat that gives you the best of both worlds – convenient tank-mixability plus a wider spectrum of broadleaf control – at a great value.


AUDIT® 1:1 Herbicide
The dependable first choice for post-emergence control of broadleaf weeds.


AUDIT® 4:1 Herbicide
Reliable broadleaf weed control.


EVEREST® 2.0 Herbicide provides an extra measure of crop safety in a wide range of conditions for all wheat and durum varieties. Safe on wheat and relentless on weeds, EVEREST 2.0 gives you flush after flush® control of key grass and broadleaf weeds, regardless of conditions.


EVEREST® 2.0 – what a difference a generation makes in the PNW. EVEREST 2.0 Herbicide activity can be summed up in one word - relentless. EVEREST 2.0 with safener technology gives growers dependable, hassle-free control of green foxtail, wild oats, windgrass, cheatgrass and other key grass and broadleaf weeds with a wider crop window for application, allowing you to spray whenever you need to.


PRE-PARE® Herbicide - Spring Wheat
Adding PRE-PARE (flucarbazone) to your glyphosate burndown gives you residual control of the weeds that can pop up after the glyphosate stops working. 


PRE-PARE® Herbicide - Winter Wheat
Start cleaner and stay cleaner. One of the best ways to boost yields is by reducing early weed competition that can rob seedlings of nutrients and moisture.
PRE-PARE Burndown Herbicide (flucarbazone) mixed with glyphosate works harder and lasts longer than all current burndown applications in wheat. Your winter wheat fields start cleaner and stay cleaner. 


SHADOW® Herbicide
The no-hassle herbicide for peas, lentils, dry beans and other broadleaf crops.
SHADOW (clethodim) is a proven post-emergent herbicide that controls all the toughest annual and perennial grassy weeds in several broadleaf crops. 


SHADOW 3EC® Herbicide
An efficient concentrated postemergent herbicide that controls volunteer corn and all the toughest annual and perennial grassy weeds in numerous broadleaf crops.


SHADOW® Herbicide
The no-hassle herbicide for peas, lentils, dry beans and other broadleaf crops.
SHADOW (clethodim) is a proven post-emergent herbicide that controls all the toughest annual and perennial grassy weeds in several broadleaf crops. 


SUPREMACY® Herbicide
SUPREMACY Herbicide offers cereal growers best-in-class, broad-spectrum control of broadleaf weeds.
SUPREMACY (fluroxypyr, thifensulfuron and tribenuron) is available for the first time as an all-in-one granule. With multiple modes of action, SUPREMACY tackles more than 70 broadleaf weeds, including ALS-resistant/glyphosate-resistant biotypes. 



KANEMITE® Miticide
For fast knockdown of key mite species in pome fruit, strawberries, citrus and almonds. KANEMITE (acequinocyl) delivers rapid knockdown and long-lasting residual activity on two-spotted spider mite, European red mite, strawberry spider mite, pacific mite and citrus red mite. 



ADIOS® Cotton Defoliant

Being a cotton grower is already a full-time job. But when it’s time to defoliate, growers must also become economists, meteorologists, plant pathologists and fortune tellers. It’s enough to give you a headache. ADIOS® takes the guesswork out of cotton defoliation. 


PIX® WSG Plant Regulator

Arysta LifeScience is changing the way growers and applicators view Mepiquat Chloride applications for their cotton crops. PIX® WSG is a patented WSG (Water Soluble Granule) formulation for the growing season.



KASUMIN™ Bactericide

A new tool to help control destructive bacterial diseases.