Grape growers often face season-long disease, insect and weed pressure, so they require a strong arsenal of protection when they use the Arysta LifeScience portfolio of products. Whether it's a fungicide to fight Powdery mildew, a miticide to manage spider mites or a herbicide to wrangle horsetail, grape growers trust Arysta LifeScience to arm them with the tools they need.


CAPTAN Fungicide sets the standard for management of Phomopsis leaf spot in the early growing season. CAPTAN has a multi-side mode of action and is a broad-spectrum fungicide with additional activity against Powdery mildew and Gray mold, making it an excellent fit in resistance management programs. For convenient and flexible application, product formulations include:

CAPTAN 80 WDG Fungicide — This state-of-the-art, wettable granule formulation sets the standard for reliable fungicide protection, going into suspension quickly and remaining there throughout spraying.

CAPTAN 50 WP Fungicide — This economical powder formulation offers a cost-effective alternative that delivers the same reliable disease control and resistance management benefits as its granular counterpart.

PH-D® Fungicide is a Group 19 broad-spectrum fungicide with a mode of action that inhibits fungal cell wall formation, making it a strong choice for the prevention of Bunch rot by Botrytis and other "secondary" rot-formuing fungi like Cladosporium. It also has activity against Powdery mildew as a preventive and as a suppressive fungicide, making it a major component of complete Powdery mildew protection. Since PH-D has a unique mode of action, it is an ideal tank-mix partner. It can both improve the efficacy of other products as well as perform a resistance management role, making PH-D a valuable tool for grape growers.

ELEVATE® Fungicide gives wine and table grapes the protection they need against Botrytis bunch rot throughout the growing season. ELEVATE is a member of the FRAC group 17 fungicide class, making it an excellent fit in resistance management plans. When used in tank mixes, ELEVATE helps ensure effective disease control while preserving a grape grower's fungicide options for years to come.

VITICURE® Fungicideprovides an economical and highly effective season-long option that goes beyond prevention of Powdery mildew in grapes through reach-back activity, which cures existing infections. The product features fuming action to penetrate the dense, web-like mats of hyphal strands (mycelioa), and it controls Powdery mildew in nooks and crannies where some other fungicides can't reach. It can be tank-mixed with PH-D and ELEVATE Fungicides, and when applied in a Powdery mildew spray schedule, VITICURE enhances the activity of registered fungicides used for the control of Botrytis bunch rot, showcasing how the product plays an important role in resistance management programs for vineyards.


OMITE® 30WS Miticide gives growers a unique fuming action which penetrates dense webbing and nooks and crannies in fighting spider mites, making it a go-to rescue treatment for the mid- to latter portion of the growing season in grapes. Rainfastness and residual control of up to 39 days make OMITE effective throughout the growing season. Arysta LifeScience recommends rotating or tank-mixing with miticides that have different modes of action to prevent development of resistance to OMITE.

ACRAMITE®-50WS Miticide offers control against a variety of spider mites, at all life stages, in grapes up to 30 days after an early- to mid-season treatment. Additionally, ACRAMITE goes easy on beneficial insects and predator mites, so it won't cause secondary insect pest or spider mite flare-ups. This product also should be rotated or tank-mixed with miticides that have different modes of action to prevent resistance issues.

KANEMITE® Miticide provides fast knockdown and a short pre-harvest interval, making it a smart solution for spider mite management in grapes at any time during the growing season. Specifically, KANEMITE is effective against two-spotted spider mite, Willamette spider mite and Pacific spider mite. Unlike some miticides, KANEMITE is easy on predatory mites and other beneficial species; it won't cause flare-ups of secondary insect pests or spider mites. Its unique active ingredient — acequinocyl — makes it the ideal choice for managing mite resistance in grape vineyards.


CASORON® Herbicide supplies the tool grape growers need for contol of a wide range of weeds, including tough-to-kill horsetail (Equisetum), nutsedge, morning glory, bindweed and perennial grasses. The unique formulation, which can be tank-mixed with other herbicides for complete early-season control, is applied to the soil. It works on pre-emergent and early post-emergent weeds by forming a herbicidal vapor barrier that kills germinating seeds, roots and emerging shoots. Dichlobenil, the active ingredient in CASORON, features powerful, nonselective activity.

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Grape growers rely on flexibility, reliability of Arysta LifeScience products.