As the humidity rises in June, so do the chances for disease in grapes. Botrytis and Powdery mildew may appear at bunch closure/leaf removal, and growers should be prepared.

In grapes, warm temperatures and moisture often team up, leading to disease. Additionally, fruit flies may help spread Botrytis spores on their bodies from plant to plant. To combat disease pressure, researchers recommend proper removal of leaves from around grape clusters to protect them with effective fungicides.

Tank-mixed products such as PH-D®, VITICURE® and ELEVATE® Fungicides provide highly effective disease control while preserving grape growers' fungicide options for years to come:

  • PH-D — a broad-spectrum, Group 19 fungicide — has a 0-day PHI in grapes. It is an effective tool with knockdown of Bunch rot caused by Botrytis as well as berry infections caused by Cladosporium. It should be applied preventatively to grape crops, particularly when climatic conditions exist for the development of harmful diseases. Its unique mode of action works by interfering with chitin-building enzymes, thereby preventing cell wall construction; this makes PH-D a smart addition to a rotational management program when multiple applications are required.

  • VITICURE serves as an active protectant on grapes as well as an eradicant by preventing Powdery mildew symptoms after infection has occurred. Its antisporulant activity reduces spore production after lesions on vines become visible and, when applied on a 14-day spray schedule, VITICURE also enhances the activity of registered fungicides used for control of Botrytis bunch rot. Its unique imidazole chemistry makes VITICURE an excellent rotational or tank-mix partner for grape Powdery mildew programs. The product is recognized as one of the most effective DMI fungicides with no known resistance problems. VITICURE is rapidly absorbed and locally systemic in grapes, which improves protection from disease by its movement across the leaf tissue. VITICURE also provides fuming action that penetrates into mycelia, nooks and crannies where some other fungicides can't reach.

  • ELEVATE 50 WDG provides control of Botrytis bunch rot on both wine and table grapes. It is a protectant fungicide that binds with the waxy layer of the grape. In turn, it disrupts the Botrytis life cycle from spore germination to the beginning of mycelial growth and colonization. This results in excellent disease control when applied preventatively. ELEVATE is the only member of the FRAC group 17 fungicide class currently available for use on grapes. When used in tank-mix combination or in rotation with other fungicides, it delivers dependable and economical Bunch rot control under a wide range of conditions. The product provides excellent crop safety with no adverse effects on fruit quality, size or flavor, and is easy on most beneficial insects.

To learn more about PH-D, VITICURE, ELEVATE and the entire Arysta LifeScience portfolio of crop protection products for grapes, contact your crop protection retailer, visit www.ArystaSpecialty.com/Grapes or call 866-761-9397.

As the humidity rises in June, so do the chances for disease in grapes.