For Excellent Control of Botrytis in Grape and Berry Crops and Control of Monilinia in Almonds and Stone Fruit.

ELEVATE® Fungicide is a locally systemic fungicide that provides excellent control against Botrytis cinerea, the pathogen that causes bunch rot in grapes and gray mold in berries. Botrytis can significantly reduce quality and yield of grape and berry crops.

ELEVATE is also active against Monilinia (brown rot/blossom blight/twig blight) in almonds and stone fruit, and has been shown to suppress powdery mildew (Uncinula necator) in grapes. Primarily a protective fungicide, ELEVATE also provides post-infection activity when applied early in the disease life cycle. Current registrations include control of Botrytis cinerea in grapes, strawberries, bushberries, caneberries, pistachios and ginseng; suppression of Powdery mildew in grapes; and control of Monilinia diseases in almonds and stone fruit.

Along with Excellent Botrytis and Monilinia Control, ELEVATE® Offers you these Benefits:

  • A unique active ingredient - Fenhexamid - with no known cross-resistance 
  • Rainfast shortly after application 
  • Excellent crop safety with no adverse effect on fruit size, fermentation, flavor or aroma 
  • Pre-Harvest Interval (PHI): Zero days in grapes, strawberries, bushberries, caneberries and stone fruit 
  • Minimal impact on the environment and no impact on most beneficial insects
  • Reduced Risk classification

University trials prove the effectiveness of ELEVATE® Fungicide: 

Click here to see results of data trials in wine grapes.
Click here
to see results of data trials in blueberries.
Click here
to see results of data trials in berries post-harvest.
Click here
to see results of data trials in strawberries, with CAPTAN PRO™ Fungicide. 

ELEVATE® is compatible with most commonly used fungicides, insecticides, micronutrients, growth regulators and spray adjuvants. For more information on compatibility, please refer to the ELEVATE label. By using ELEVATE as the primary component in a rotation or in tank-mix with different broad-spectrum fungicides, it is ideal for prolonging effective control of Botrytis.