New RANCONA® V 100 PRO for Soybeans Takes Seed Treatment Technology to New Levels

RANCONA® V 100 Pro is a broad-spectrum, seed treatment fungicide containing ipconazole and carboxin for the control of labeled diseases on soybeans.

To provide the best seedling protection against a wide array of fungal pathogens including Pythium, use RANCONA V 100 Pro in combination with a product containing metalaxyl (such as Belmont® 2.7 FS) at the application rate labeled for your crop and disease complex.

RANCONA V 100 Pro for soybeans combines two powerful fungicides that provide both contact and systemic activity against a broad spectrum of diseases. Ipconazole controls Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, smuts, bunts and seed rot. And carboxin, the original SDHI chemistry, stimulates early seedling vigor and growth. Together, you have an advanced seed treatment for improved seed emergence, healthier seedlings and higher yields.

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