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SUPREMACY® Herbicide offers cereal growers best-in-class, broad-spectrum control of broadleaf weeds.

Protect your cereal investment with the unparalleled broadleaf weed control that only SUPREMACY® can deliver. Its proprietary formulation, containing fluroxypyr, thifensulfuron and tribenuron, is available for the first time as an all-in-one granule.

With multiple modes of action, SUPREMACY tackles more than 70 broadleaf weeds, including ALS-resistant/glyphosate-resistant kochia, wild buckwheat, Canada thistle, Russian thistle, lambsquarters, mustards, cleavers/bedstraw and pigweed in all wheat types (including durum), barley, oat and triticale. With your broadleaf weeds under control, you can concentrate on the business of farming.

SUPREMACY gives you excellent crop safety, maximum flexibility, and complete crop rotation freedom. SUPREMACY makes an outstanding tank-mix partner for EVEREST® 2.0 as well as other grass herbicides. SUPREMACY’s best-in-class feature set is unlike any other post-emergent broadleaf herbicide in the marketplace today.